MCR Bunker

The Lower MCR is known as the “MCR Bunker”. This room is found in the basement of Staircase XI, directly below the Upper MCR, and is also accessed with the MCR fob. It is our main venue for parties and other entertainments, and can also be booked for use by members.


A 37″ TV with surround sound. To use the TV just find the remote. The same goes for the DVD player.

DVD Player

Occasional DVD nights are organised by the MCR Social Secretaries. Any film buffs interested in suggesting a title or helping organise an event should get in touch with them.

Pool Table

A pub pool table with cues and balls, free use to MCR members.

Foosball Table

Yet another pub classic. Again free to MCR members: a ball is provided.

Dart Board

Careful where you aim…


In the cupboard with the DVD collection. Get the key from the lodge.

Booking the Bunker

If you are interested in booking out the bunker, then please contact the MCR Secretary with the following details:

  • The date and time you would like to book
  • The number of people you are expecting at the event
  • Whether or not there will be alcohol

Please note that requests made during busy times (during term time) may be denied at the discretion of the Secretary.