Buying a Bike

Cycling is the most popular way to get around Oxford – the city is pretty flat (apart from Headington hill) and there are generally good provisions for cyclists. Unfortunately, bike theft is very common in Oxford, so make sure your bike is locked and preferably left in a bike shed.

There are many bike shops in the city, including Halfords, Bike Zone, Beeline Bikes and Cycle King. The rapid turnover of students also means that there are often second-hand bikes for sale. Some places to look include Oxford Bicycle Company and Oxford Daily Info.


If you’re cycling at night, you are legally required to have front and rear lights fitted and operational. The police frequently stop cyclists without lights and hand out fines.


An unlocked bike won’t last very long in Oxford, and sometimes even locked bikes are stolen so it’s a good idea to get a strong lock. Subsidised D-Locks can be bought from OUSU, or from the Porter’s Lodge.


If your bike does get stolen, it’s a lot easier to get it back if it’s been registered. You can pick up the relevant forms from Porter’s Lodge, or register online with the National Cycle Database.