Upper MCR

The upper MCR, on the ground floor of Staircase XI, is the place to go for a cup of tea or coffee, or just to chat with your fellow graduates. It’s especially popular before, during and after lunchtime. You’ll need your college fob/access card for this room.

Newspapers and Magazines

A variety of newspapers and magazines are provided by the MCR. The subscriptions are reviewed annually and voted on at an MCR general meeting.

If you have any suggestions chat to our Treasurer as to what you would be interested in having the MCR subscribe to in the future.


A PC is available in the MCR. You can access your e-mail, surf the Internet or do some work as it has the standard college programs such as Microsoft Office. Contact the MCR Computing Officer if you experience any problems with the machine.

Sound System

CD player and radio for your listening pleasure. It will play MP3 CDs, and is also used to play music or other sounds from the computer.

Coffee Machine

The machine is on the table near the kitchen door. Instructions are on the wall by the machine.


Here you’ll find a kettle and some crockery to make cups of tea or coffee. A separate section with cooker and food preparation facilities is usually locked; keys are given to those graduates who have no other cooking facilities. Please wash up after yourself, or at least put your crockery in the dishwasher. If we fail to keep the kitchen clean it may be shut down for health and safety reasons!