The Safety Bus scheme is run jointly by Oxford Brookes Students’ Union (OBSU) and OUSU to provide a safe means of transport at night.

To use the service simply ring 07714 445050 9 pm-3 am Monday to Saturdays and 9 pm – 1 am on Sundays. The bus will pick you up and deliver you to any destination within the ring road all for only £1 donation per trip. Priority will always be given to vulnerable people and individuals as the emphasis for the scheme is on safety.


Under certain circumstances it is possible to have taxis reimbursed/paid for by college.

  • Claims may be made by those who have an emergency and need to get to the hospital urgently – eg A&E. Receipts are required.
  • Claims may also be made by students on rare occasions when they get into difficulties – ie they find themselves out alone at night and need to get home and there is no bus that can get them home safely. However this is an absolute last resort (see above for details on the safety bus and ordinary taxis). Receipts are required
  • Those with a temporary mobility problem etc (eg a broken leg) will be added to the taxi account held by the Lodge – in these cases the student books a taxi via the Lodge and the College gets billed directly – no need to keep receipts or make a claim

Students with ongoing disabilities usually get a taxi allowance via their Disabled Students’ Allowance.

The welfare taxi fund is NOT for routine appointments at the hospitals as they are well serviced by buses in Oxford.