Additional Services


The MCR has a limited number of lockers (just outside the upper MCR) for use by its members. The MCR Female Welfare Officer gives out keys; a deposit will be charged to your battels. Contact the MCR Female Welfare Officer if you would like one, or for more information.

MCR Gown

The MCR has a gown for use by its members at Collections if they forget theirs, or haven’t got one. It should be on the coat-stand in the Upper MCR. Remember to return it as soon as possible for others to use.

Digital Camera

The MCR has a Kodak DC215 digital camera for use by its members. You can sign-out the camera from the Lodge and can keep it for up to a week – though you will need to provide your own set of four AA batteries. You can also book the camera in advance via the Lodge to ensure use for important occasions. Pictures must be uploaded via the computer in the MCR, which has the necessary cable and software.