Funding and Awards

There are various grants and awards available through the College. Further information can be found on the college website. Funding is also available at the university level.

Book grants

Jesus College will refund half of the cost of your course material (i.e. the books you buy and the articles you photocopy), over £25, to a maximum of £180. Applications are due by the end of Trinity term. Keep hold of your receipts for the claim.

Hardship funds

Jesus College and Oxford University provide support to students who are going through a difficult financial period. The College Hardship Committee distributes College funds. Hardship support is typically granted for unforeseen financial difficulties and can be provided through either grants or interest-free loans. Note that self-financing graduates, who have guaranteed that they are able to meet the cost of the university, college fees, and maintenance expenses are unlikely to be considered for hardship funds. Application forms can be obtained from the Academic Office.  All information is kept confidential.


The college offers up to four Graduate Scholarships each year to current graduate members. These scholarships, at a value of up to £900 per annum, are awarded in Trinity term and are renewable whilst in fee liability. Details on the 2018 Graduate Scholarships are available here: Graduate Scholarships 2018  The College also awards up to two Meyricke Scholarships in Michaelmas Term to those who have taken or become qualified to take a degree at the University of Wales, at a value of £900 per annum.

Travel and Research grants

The college sponsors various activities related to your research. For example, it can finance your travel expenses for a conference you are attending. Applications require a letter of support from your supervisor and can be submitted to Carole Thomas in the Academic Office. The value of the research grant is up to £800 per annum.

Writing-up scholarships

The college offers four writing-up scholarships each year to graduates anticipating going into an unfunded fourth year. The scholarships, to the value of £1500, are awarded based upon academic merit.

Other Awards and Prizes

There are many other awards and prizes offered by the College in any given subject, many of which are open to graduates. These are usually advertised during Hilary term on the notice boards in the Lodge and in the MCR. Details are given on the on the college website.