Current Committee

President: Di Hu

The space we share is a workshop for creativity. Though we begin by presenting ourselves through our disciplines of study, we quickly unveil more of what we are about in this relaxed space. We recognise and demonstrate that what we do, we approach with individual context: our multitudes of experiences, fascinations, and ideas. In this space we naturally share not only a more wholistic self, but also the greater sum our collective creates.


Vice-PresidentCaroline Nettekoven 

Caro is the Vice-President of Jesus College MCR. Her primary focus is to increase visibility of the graduate student body within the college and to foster the involvement of its graduate members with the college. We are proud of our highly diverse and welcoming community in the MCR and work diligently to ensure the MCR members’ needs are met throughout the year.

Being from Germany – where recycling is a national sport – Caro promotes environmental awareness and ensures the continuous graduate contribution to the Student Switch Off campaign. Finally, she represents the graduate students’ interests at OUSU Council meetings and communicates its policies and campaigns.

Caro is rumored to be the slowest eater on God’s green earth, which makes her particularly unpopular at Formal Dinners. In her free time, she can therefore often be found practicing eating at an average human pace, with no success thus far.

Treasurer: Sam Hatfield

I’m Sam, the MCR Treasurer. My role is to manage the MCR bank accounts, make sure the MCR keeps within budget, and to reimburse other committee members for, for example, social event expenses. The MCR committee is always looking for more creative ways to use our budget, so let me know if you have any ideas and we can raise a motion.

As for myself, I’m a third year DPhil in Atmospheric Physics. My favourite things are listening to Gershwin and drinking real ale at the Lamb & Flag.

Secretary: Marie Wong

Hi, I’m Marie! As MCR Secretary, I am responsible for a wide range of tasks, including making sure all actions are carried out in line with our Constitution, keeping membership lists up-to-date and compiling minutes from our general meetings.

Social Secretaries
: Priyav Shah and Robbie ‘Pump’ Mason

Priyav: Sworn by the motto “all work and no play makes Jesus a dull college”, my life’s mission (or at least for one year) is to schedule fun into the busy calendars of the MCR members. The aim is to enrich the graduate experience by organising events which allow the MCR to socialise, build a community spirit and even partake in the occasional tomfoolery. These events range from extravagant black tie dinners to cutthroat “games” of paintballing, classy wine and cheese nights to chilled movie screenings, and so on so forth – there’s something for everyone, and if there isn’t don’t hesitate to get in touch with suggestions!

Another large part of the graduate experience is inter-college interaction – exchanges and co-hosting events with other colleges are always high on the agenda so if you have any ideas drop me an email!

Robbie: Contrary to my surname, I am unfamiliar with stonework – but I know how to party! I am here to pump you up.

Welfare Officers: Cristina Di GenuaChris Gausden

I’m Cristina, a 4th-year D.Phil in Medical Sciences. As women’s welfare rep I am the point of contact, between senior welfare team and MCR students, for all
your welfare needs. I am responsible for organising welfare events such as coffee and cake, and welfare brunches. I am also here to provide you with any welfare supplies that you might need.

Chris: I’m Chris, a first year DPhil historian! Come to me for all your men’s welfare needs.

Computing Rep: Maurice Casey

I’m Maurice, but you may be more familiar with my 2005-2011 online alias Muggwoffin, under which I stormed to second place in the all-Ireland Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas championships. As IT officer, I harangue people on twitter to answer my weekly MCR #QuestionOfTheWeek and shout obscenities at the MCR printer for failing to work. I am originally from Ireland (and by God will I let you know it). As such, my role as MCR IT rep involves a delicate balancing act between the futuristic implications of modern technology and the bog-borne heritage of my humble peasant people. In my free time, I read books, go running and conspire to hasten the collapse of capitalism.

Sports Rep:  Rob Quinlan

Hi there, I’m Rob Quinlan – sports rep. Originally from Enfield, London, I am a graduate of the High School of Hard Knocks and the University of Life. A dedicated sports fan, I have only ever watched two films: Green Street and Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground and Fight. Please do not invite me to the cinema to see anything else. I am not interested. Currently, I am doing a DPhil in Chemistry, attempting to artificially synthesise the ultimate night out! As Sports Rep, I am guaranteed to get your heart racing:

Through physical exertion,
Through a cheeky wink from my very handsome face,
By purchasing a potentially lethal amount of jaeger bombs (14, by current medical standards).

Yes, I am personally responsible for your fitness. If you feel weak or fragile then that is entirely my fault and I can be blamed for such.

Recently, I have earned the nickname ‘Fagin’, because I have cultivated a loyal gang of undergraduate street urchins who follow my every command. Count yourselves lucky that sports apparel rarely integrates pockets, because I would ensure they were picked!

First Year Reps
: Rob Quinlan & Maurice Casey

Because so many students in Jesus MCR are only here for one year, we make sure they have representation on the committee by electing First Year Reps. Robert & Maurice organise elaborate Sunday Brunches, host cozy open mic nights, and help out the Social Secs.


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