Chaplain’s Message

cropped in chapel doorwayWelcome to the MCR Chapel page!

My name is Megan and I’m the Chaplain and Welfare Officer.

The Chapel and Chaplain are here for everyone, of all faiths and none. The Chapel belongs to the whole College: events and services are open to all, and anyone can use the Chapel for prayer, meditation, or just a spot of peace and quiet.

I’m a priest ordained within the Church of England and I relish all opportunities to work with Christians of other denominations, and people of all faiths. I’m always up for conversations about faith or spirituality, or to pray with you or for you.

Members of the MCR get fully involved in Chapel life – singing in the Choir (contact for more information) and attending our events and services (see the Michaelmas Term card when it comes out – there’ll be lots going on). We have an MCR Chapel Rep each year who helps to keep the MCR updated with all that’s happening, and I’ll tell you who that is when we know better who’s going to be around from October.

MCR members also approach me from time to time about weddings in the Chapel. Yes, members of the College can get married here and I can help you with that if you want. Just drop me a line.

If Chapel isn’t your thing there’s also a Cheese and Wine event from time to time where we have informal input from a speaker (often well-known) about some matter to do with religion, belief, faith or spirituality in a secular context. Do keep an eye out for that.

Or if you do practise your faith but want to find a different place of worship I’d be glad to help you with that too. Do get in touch and I can help you connect with other faith groups or denominations across Oxford.

If you’re new to the MCR – a very warm welcome! I look forward to meeting you in the autumn.

Megan Daffern

13 August 2015