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MCR Bikes Redux

Category : Sports

The MCR bikes scheme is back full Beauty and the Beast film

All the information you need can be found on this page; film

Cycle safely folks!

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FREE Start of Term Drinks & Ceilidh

Category : Events , Sports

Announcing the term kick-off & possibly greatest night full movie A Dog’s Purpose online

SAVE THE DATE: Friday of 0th week (13th Jan), we’ll be holding a Ceilidh for MCR members. The event will include several drinks throughout the evening and is 100% free for MCR members.

WHERE: We’ll start in the MCR at 7PM for pre-drinks/light nibbles and then move to the Uni club for dancing at 7:45PM until 11PM.

Members are allowed one guest each for the price of £12 per person (you will be batteled).

Spaces are limited so please sign up ASAP if you wish to attend.



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Ice Skating Disco on Friday!

Category : Events , Sports

This Friday, 25th November, Jesus MCR will be heading to the Oxford ICE Hall for an Ice Skating Disco! Meet in the Upper MCR at 8pm to take part!

Obviously, you will all be as good as these two:

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Category : Events , Sports

Monday is the MCR Bingo night. Come around, bring a pen, some wine and meet your friends from Jesus. We have incredible prizes to win – I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

The MCR will also provide some nibbles, tea, coffee and sweets.

Bingo is fun and lucrative!

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OUSU Freshers Fair

Category : Events , Sports


Of course, you could play sports for the College. However, if you are genuinely keen (and interested in gaining a BLUE!!!) then forget that idea, and get your ass on the University team.

They will be exhibiting in Exam Schools. Check out the information here:

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Jesus College Ski Trip 2011

Category : Events , Sports

NEVER will there be a cheaper and more fun way to get your fill of snow.

“Read More”

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Freshers – Get Acquanted!

Category : Sports , Welfare

Freshers, you are afraid. It’s like that movie Jurassic Park and the scene where all of the dinosaurs run over the hill and the people have to run away and hide behind a tree…. isn’t it? Oh. It’s just me who feels that way :-/Dunkirk streaming

I wish I had had these to read before I came to Oxford! As boy scouts the world over know, BE PREPARED DIB DIB!!

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I want to ride my bicycle!

Category : Sports , Welfare

Here’s an absolutely brilliant blog about cycling, with loads of photos of people cycling in Oxford! See if you can spot yourself!

A familiar route to many MCR members!

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Summer Eights 2011

Category : Photos , Sports

A selection of photos from this years awesome Summer Eights, in which the Womens First Eight gained blades. Nice!watch movie The Circle now

W2, a formidable force

Apparently this can happen!


Oriel gained the mens headship, and so took this old boat back to their college and burned it



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