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Where to live in college as graduate student?

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One option is inHerbert Close (College Sports Grounds):

Or in the College directly?

In the graduate houses at Ship St:movie John Wick download

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Cleaning the MCR

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In order to be prepared for the new fresher’s the committee has recently cleaned the MCR and the Bunker.   Have a look at the photos…!





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Summer Eights 2011

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A selection of photos from this years awesome Summer Eights, in which the Womens First Eight gained blades. Nice!watch movie The Circle now

W2, a formidable force

Apparently this can happen!


Oriel gained the mens headship, and so took this old boat back to their college and burned it



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Sports – Croquet

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An afternoon on the lawn

Although I rarely usually endorse sports which do not require a bit of sweating, croquet is an acceptable departure. We have the kit for a four man game stored at Barts (you can retrieve it from the new pavilion using your fob), and it can be played on the front lawn. Delightful!

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Barts Photos

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Herbert Close Photos

Located a short (by some standards…) cycle ride up Cowley Road is the largest College annexe, which consists of a sports pavilion, two large pitches (one of which is managed by Lincoln College), a smaller field, and a whole bunch of accommodation. Hazel Court is the domain of (mainly) 3rd and 4th year undergraduates, as is Leoline Jenkins House. Thelwall House caters to couples.

Graduate students at Barts typically live in the 3 and 4 person flats in Hugh Price House. There are also a small number of rooms in the Old Pavilion.

The other structures on-site are the Groundskeepers House and the Caretakers House, as well as bike sheds and laundry rooms.

The groundskeepers house, new pavilion, and Hugh Price House

The Lincoln pitch and pavilion building

The sun sets over another awesome day in Oxford

The New Pavilion, from which football and rugby patches are launched

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College Photos

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Photos of our college for prospective students:

Individual pictures


Jesus College Exterior Turl Street

First Quad

First Quad view

First Quad with Chapel

Passage 1st to 2nd quad through the doorways

Second Quad

Second Quad view towards hall

Second Quad through arch

Wisteria and passage to Third Quad

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