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Trinity Term 2012 Photo Competition Winners

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Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and voted in The Three Stags “Quintessentially Oxford” Photo Competition. Congratulations to our winners:-

Hazel Monforton (1st)


Michael Streatfield (2nd)


Hannah Bailey (3rd)

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Three Stags Issue 4 Now Online

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Issue 04

Hilary Term 2012

The Three Stags ponder the meaning of life

Issue 04

Supplement 1: “Living in the Cloud” (Michael Streatfield)

Supplement 2: “Upon the rock of Harlech: an aspect on the sea and the past” (Emily Winkler)

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General MCR Meeting Minutes (30/01/2012)

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Dear all,

The meeting minutes from last week’s meeting are attached to the bottom of this post. As usual, please let me know if anything seems particularly amiss!download movie Transformers: The Last Knight

Also, a huge THANK YOU for the incredible turnout – it was great to see so many of you there!

Secretarially yours,


Minutes, MCR Meeting (30:01:2012)

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You are ready

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It is now possible to apply to become an editor of the MCR newsletter, The Three Stags. The initial deadline is Monday the 2nd of May.

Read this for more information on the newsletter, the editorial roles, and how to apply:

become the stag

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The Three Stags – Issue 03


We are beginning, in a room of smoke and dreams, the dark rituals required for the summoning of three majestic, wondrous stags. If you want to be a part of this glorious awakening, read on…


“Read More”

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3 Stags (Edition 2) – Last Chance to Submit a Letter

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Dear all,

This is the last chance to submit a letter for inclusion in the Hilary Term edition of “The Three Stags” newsletter. The deadline has been extended to the end of the week (Friday 7th January), so get writing and e-mail your pieces to

The letters should be between 100 and 250 words in length, and can be on any topic.

Many thanks,

The Three Stags team.

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Write for the 3Stags! edition2

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Dear MCR,
We are now beginning the assembly of Issue 02 of ‘The Three Stags’ – our MCR newsletter! Hopefully you all had a chance to read Issue 01. Time for more!

One of the best parts is the letters section, where anyone and everyone can be heard. The remit for this is BROAD as hell – see the things we had in the last issue :-/ Go wild.

You could also go for something more specific like the following, which may or may not form a ‘letter’;
–  ‘how-to’, an article of useful tips e.g. how to prevent bike theft.
–  comic strips! If you are a budding artist, and can capture some aspect of our dizzying Oxford lives in comic form, send it our way.

If you would like to submit a LETTER, please note the following;
– 100 to 250 words in length.
– Let us know if you want to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym.
– Send it to by Friday the 10th of December (End-of-term Dinner!).

We would also like to include some food and drink reviews as a separate entity – restaurants, bars, pubs etc. which are less well known, but undeservedly so!
NOTE: We need to know about these soon, since they need to be given their own space in the planning stages. If you have an idea and at least the intent to write something, let us know by the end of November.

If you would like to submit a FOOD and DRINK REVIEW, please note the following;
– Less than 250 words .
– An accompanying photograph of some sort would be great.
– Inform us of the venue and only your intent by November’s end (Tuesday the 30th).
– Send the actual piece to by Sunday the 12th of December.

The Three Stags

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The Three Stags Issue One

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Yes the first issue is finally here.  Check your pidges for a hard copy or click on a link below for the electronic version:

The Three Stags Issue One (high resolution 15 megs)

The Three Stags Issue One (Low Resolution) Worried about bandwidth? Low res version without hyperlinks (4megs)

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The Three Stags coming soon

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At the beginning of Michaelmas Term, Jesus MCR will have its own newsletter, ‘The Three Stags’ (named after our college crest). The first issue is currently being assembled. This publication is meant to support our MCR community, and also be an entertaining and interesting read.

This newsletter will be filled with your contributions – stories, reviews, interviews, letters and news. Please send your contributions to or speak to the editors of ‘The Three Stags’:
Radleigh Foster and Edward Owen

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