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I want to ride my bicycle!

Category : Sports , Welfare

Here’s an absolutely brilliant blog about cycling, with loads of photos of people cycling in Oxford! See if you can spot yourself!

A familiar route to many MCR members!

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Summer Eights 2011

Category : Photos , Sports

A selection of photos from this years awesome Summer Eights, in which the Womens First Eight gained blades. Nice!watch movie The Circle now

W2, a formidable force

Apparently this can happen!


Oriel gained the mens headship, and so took this old boat back to their college and burned it



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Rowing not awful!!

Category : Sports

Here’s an excellent article from Alanna Petroff at GTC which provides an alternative to the testosterone-rich machismo the men might sometimes spout, me included :-/

Womens crews at Jesus College has recently been some of the most successful on the river, so you may wish to draw inspiration form this article and get in touch with one of the boat club captains about having a go yourself.

Mens Captain: Alex Hannington

Womens Captain: Lowri Ifor

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Change your life

Category : Sports , Welfare

A very good article has appeared on the Gaurdian website, which perfectly illustrates the benefits (especially for females) of weight lifting.

Check it out!

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Guest Dinner TT 2011 Oration

Category : Events

It is now the practice of the MCR to accompany each MCR guest dinner with a short oration about an interesting alumnus of the MCR.

For the Trinity Term 2011 dinner the subject spoken of was Pixley ka Isaka Seme, proposed by Roger Deane.

The oration, given by Edward Owen, is here.

If there is any individual you would like to speak about at future dinners, let us know! All efforts are welcomed.

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Summer Eights

Category : Events , Sports

Jesus College Gets Wet

Summer Eights!
If you don’t know what the hell that is… well, you need to find out asap basically, and stop doing so much work!
Get your ass down to the boathouse (a short walk across ChCh meadows) this Friday for qualifiers, and next week for the main event.
Here’s the details. Come and watch the river run green.
(There’s also loads of people, food, drink, action, excitement plus maxing and relaxing – though no b’ball outside of the school sadly)

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Llorenc’s Cricket

Category : Sports

MCR Cricket

Imagine, if you will, this quintessential English scene:

The sun is shining upon the lush, green grass.  The groundsman’s thrumming mower is chased by his obedient, if hapless and yappy dog.  Deck-chairs adorn the shade of the great oak, their occupants clapping to the sound of leather on willow.  They sup tea and nibble on cake as they admire the ladies and gents dressed all in white, scattered about the field playing out the ritual that is so much part of an English summer: a gentle game of cricket.

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You are ready

Category : Newsletters

It is now possible to apply to become an editor of the MCR newsletter, The Three Stags. The initial deadline is Monday the 2nd of May.

Read this for more information on the newsletter, the editorial roles, and how to apply:

become the stag

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