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Out of term meal times

Category : Notices , Welfare

In case you fancied some hall food, here are the current arrangements for dining durung the Easter vacation;

Remember, you need to sign up for lunch and dinner by 10am on the day, and it says that you get charged even if you dont turn up (!). This can be done on the intranet ‘Hall sign up’ page.

Breakfast may not be the full English sadly, but there should at least be cereals and toast. I think it varies.

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MCR Bikes Redux

Category : Sports

The MCR bikes scheme is back full Beauty and the Beast film

All the information you need can be found on this page; film

Cycle safely folks!

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Herbert Close Film Nights.

Category : Events

Check it out.

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The JCR Hatch

Category : Notices , Welfare

There’s a magical place – we’re all going there!

With yummy snacks and all that jazz – the JCR is where!

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OUSU Freshers Fair

Category : Events , Sports


Of course, you could play sports for the College. However, if you are genuinely keen (and interested in gaining a BLUE!!!) then forget that idea, and get your ass on the University team.

They will be exhibiting in Exam Schools. Check out the information here:

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Welcome Day – Friday 30th September

Category : Events , Notices

Friday is the official Graduate Welcome Day!watch Spider-Man: Homecoming film online now

Throughout the day there will be students stationed in the College entrance ready to welcome you and hand to you some key information – most importantly of which is the freshers week timetable (all else is secondary :-).

Every new graduate should come by to pick up their welcome pack.

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Jesus College Ski Trip 2011

Category : Events , Sports

NEVER will there be a cheaper and more fun way to get your fill of snow.

“Read More”

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Freshers – Get Acquanted!

Category : Sports , Welfare

Freshers, you are afraid. It’s like that movie Jurassic Park and the scene where all of the dinosaurs run over the hill and the people have to run away and hide behind a tree…. isn’t it? Oh. It’s just me who feels that way :-/Dunkirk streaming

I wish I had had these to read before I came to Oxford! As boy scouts the world over know, BE PREPARED DIB DIB!!

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Reading Material

Category : Notices , Welfare

The two main student newspapers here in Oxford are the Cherwell;


and The Oxford Student;

They are seriously damn awesome. I particularly recommend Shark Tales by Jesubite Barnably Fry;

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