International Food Night : USA edition

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International Food Night : USA edition

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After a successful second event, we are pleased to announce that the next International Food Night will be held on Tuesday, 11th March, and will feature American (USA) cuisine

The International Food Night series is intended to celebrate the variety of international fare the members of our community bring with them from their home countries. The dinners, held twice per term, showcase a different country’s regional dishes over the course of that evening.

As 1st Hall will remain in its usual format, we strongly encourage you to attend 2nd Hall to fully experience the evening. The Principal will be speaking briefly – alongside members of the JCR and MCR – to describe the dishes on offer and explain their cultural significance (apart from what you’ve seen in the movies). Sign up for 2nd Hall on this night is now open on the Jesus intranet, so please register soon if you wish to attend (£5.90 for members and £10 per guest / family style service).

Debbie (our Head Chef) is especially interested in incorporating “home” recipes from students and fellows into the evening’s menu. If you have any recipes for starters, main courses or puddings for the upcoming theme, please send them to her by 25th February with the subject line “International Dinner – USA.”

A further International Food Night will be held this upcoming Tuesday, May 6th, and will feature Brazilian/Portuguese cuisine. Recipes will be requested closer to the date.

Members of the JCR, MCR and SCR are all invited to this informative celebration of international cuisine.

We look forward to your joining us!

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