Events : 04-Oct-13

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Events : 04-Oct-13

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In case you are not yet receiving emails, please see the message below for tonight’s activities (finalized timetable!) for graduate freshers:

Dearest ‘Freshers’,

A very warm welcome to Jesus for those of you we are yet to greet. We hope your moves were smooth and dry, and the city of dreaming spires has your academic minds reeling. If not, don’t worry, it’s 0th week, when zero productivity is a given and the work play balance falls heavily on the latter. We have lots planned to acquaint you with Oxford and each other, kicking off with our welcome reception tonight:

5pm – JCR – 3rd Quad: Coffee, tea and biscuits – an informal welcome with the important people: Principal, Academic Director, Director of Accommodation, Catering & Conferences, Chaplain and other staff members.

(N.B. – drinks reception in the MCR has been cancelled due to a shift in timings for the informal college welcome)

6pm – Dinner (canteen style – pay with your bod card) in Hall.

7pm – Speed Befriending – Quick fire meet and greet in the JCR.

9pm MCR (2nd Quad) Welcome Partay.

Also for your reference, here’s the intranet link to the postgraduate induction timetable:

And the Facebook group so you can stay updated with the social stuff:

See you tonight.

Our lovely social secretaries

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