MCR Balloon Debate

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MCR Balloon Debate

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On Wednesday  (6th June) at 8pm we are having our first BALLOON DEBATE.

The line-up is as follows:

Lech Kopczynski for Ronald Reagan

Tom Pump (né Juzek) for Willy Brandt

Edmund Wareham for Martin Luther

Katie Stileman for Chaucer

Bobby Brooks for Linus Pauling

Each speaker will give a 5-minute speech on why his or her hero should stay in the balloon.

The discussion will then open to the floor (this is your chance to put your points across)

Each speaker will then give a 3-minute summing up speech where they rebut the points made by other speakers and the floor

We vote for the survivor

Our geekstar MCR speakers come from a good mix of disciplines so come and support! It’s a great platform to hone debating skills and to learn something new.

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