Week 2: Welfare- Extended Yoga and Well Being Week

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Week 2: Welfare- Extended Yoga and Well Being Week

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It’s time for your weekly welfare update!

This week is OUSU’s Well Being week, and there are lots of welfare-related events going on around the university. For more information, see the posters in the MCR, or read this from Tom Perry, OUSU’s welfare rep:

It’s second week of Trinity Term, and that can only mean one thing: Well-Being Week (I believe I may have mentioned it before…!). We kick-started the week yesterday with a morning of yoga, Pilate’s and food at Green Templeton College (thank you to Anna Seeley for getting it together!), followed by film screenings by the Magdalen Film Society in the evening. We have much more to look forward to, including an Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course and a Zumba class, which are both happening this evening. Join the Facebook group, and invite your Common Rooms, to see the full timetable and to get regular updates:


Secondly, yoga is being held again on Wednesday this week, but this week there is only one session:

  • Jesus @ 5.15-6.45 (Habakkuk Room)

This is due to Allie (the instructor) slightly injuring her ankle last week. Meet at 5.10 for yoga. Don’t forget, if you want to come email me (mcr.mens-welfare@jesus.ox.ac.uk) beforehand.

Finally, OUSU are organising some Nightline training sessions this term. For those of you who don’t know, Nightline is an Oxford-based telephone support service, in the ilk of the Samaritans. For information about the course, I again direct you to Tom Perry:

Nightline is an independent listening, support, and information service run for and by students. We aim to provide every student in Oxford with the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, or try to solve people’s problems, but we care about whatever is on your mind and we will listen to whatever you want to talk about in a non-judgemental way. 


We train volunteers every term in the listening and support skills they will need to work for us. Training requires commitment, but is a rewarding, unique and worthwhile experience. The skills we teach can come in useful beyond just working for us – from experience for future welfare officers to life beyond Oxford! Training runs over three one-day sessions, either on the Saturdays or Sundays of 3rd/4th, 4th/5th, or 5th/6th weeks. You need to attend all of the Saturday or the Sunday sessions (you have to stick to the same day). After this there is a selection process, and accepted volunteers have to complete a small amount of post-selection training. If you are interested, please get in touch with the training organisers at training@oxfordnightline.org or look at our website at www.oxfordnightline.org.

With the graduation of volunteers at the end of this term, we need more trainees than ever! We can’t wait to hear from you!


That is all for now- welfare love.

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