Summer Eights

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Summer Eights

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Jesus College Gets Wet

Summer Eights!
If you don’t know what the hell that is… well, you need to find out asap basically, and stop doing so much work!
Get your ass down to the boathouse (a short walk across ChCh meadows) this Friday for qualifiers, and next week for the main event.
Here’s the details. Come and watch the river run green.
(There’s also loads of people, food, drink, action, excitement plus maxing and relaxing – though no b’ball outside of the school sadly)


Who among us possesses TRUE GRIT?
These people duh;

M1: Edward Owen 🙂
W1: Laura Gallimore, Tom Baker, Bronwyn Stippa, Isabel Dwan,
M2: Jon Williams, Michael Murphy
W2: Therese Graversen, Jeannique Darby, Hannah Arnold
M3: Joseph Friesenhahn, Radleigh Foster, Gino Bruni, Jack Rasmus-Vorrath
W3: Arjette Karemaker
M5: Oren Margolis, Erlend Reiten, Michael Haynes, Benjamin Fowles, Jayce Homersham


Friday: Rowing on (Qualifiers)
M6 @ 13:30
M3, W2 @ 14:05
M4 @ 15:15
M5 @ 16:25
W3 @ 17:00

Wednesday: Day 1
Thursday: Day 2
Friday: Day 3
First race @ 11:55 (Mens Division VII)
Last race @ 18:45 (Mens Division I)

Saturday: Day 4
All racing an hour earlier

I’ll provide daily updates as to the quantity of bloodshed.
You can check out all of the racing details and times of specific divisions / crews at
Where are Jesus boats placed after last year? CHECK IT:

Hype up images;
Oxford Summer Eights 2009
Oxford Summer Eights 2009

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