MCR Speaker Event Thursday

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MCR Speaker Event Thursday

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The second of this term’s speaker events will take place this Thursday 25 November at 5:30pm in the Memorial Room, with drinks in the Harold Wilson room afterwards.
The speakers are Scott Culligan and Jamie Hill, and the abstracts for their talks are below.
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Scott Culligan
Towards a Hydrogen-Driven Energy Economy: Technical and Economic Challenges

Growing concerns with the diminishing reserves of fossil fuels and their negative environmental impacts have motivated both public and scientific sectors to seek alternative energy sources. With world energy consumption increasing at an alarming rate, the demand for a renewable, non-polluting power source is rising. Systems such as rechargeable batteries and non-hydrocarbon based fuels cells have become the subjects of extensive investigations. The ‘hydrogen economy’, one of the most promising alternative energies, has become a global aspiration. Hydrogen is an ideal synthetic fuel; it is lightweight, the most abundant element in the universe and, when used in a fuel cell, simply generates water and no other harmful emissions. However, the widespread use of hydrogen in industrial and transportation markets is met by several obstacles. Economic and political issues aside, a number of technical barriers must be overcome before hydrogen can be considered as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. There is currently a concerted effort amongst researchers across the globe to develop clean and efficient methods of hydrogen production, storage and utilisation. This talk will examine the need for a new energy store and look at some of the practical complications scientists are attempting to overcome so hydrogen may be incorporated into a sustainable energy future.

Jamie Hill
Predicting the structure of membrane proteins

Abstract: Membrane proteins make up almost half of future drug targets, yet we know very little about how they look. I’ll describe the problems that beset experimentalists when they peer at membrane proteins, and show how judicious use of statistics can help reveal their secrets. The talk will be stats-light and picture-heavy.

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