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MCR Speaker Event Wed

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The first of this term’s MCR speaker events will take place this Wednesday at 5:30pm in the Memorial Room, with Michael Streatfield and Laura Gallimore presenting. Ask at the lodge for directions if you’re unsure how to find the room. The talks will last until 6:30pm and drinks will be served afterwards in the Harold Wilson room. These events are a great chance to find out what research other MCR members are working on, and they are aimed at non-specialist audiences, so are suitable for people from all subject areas.
The abstracts for the talks are below.
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Michael Streatfield – Hedge funds and their incentives
Hedge funds are unregulated investment vehicles with great investment flexibility and fee structures that incentivise investment performance and encourage talent. High performance fees can create incentives for excellence – but there is also a dark side…
I will outline what hedge funds are, how they are unique and their benefit to society. Secrecy and poor disclosure creates a research challenge for finance …and some shadowy behaviour. We will see just how well these managers are paid. I will conclude with my initial research findings testing the conventional wisdom that the huge growth in supply, as managers flock into the hedge fund space, would lead to prices falling.

Laura Gallimore – Modelling Cell Motility
How can maths be used to describe real living systems? Can we ever capture complex biological behaviours with just a few equations? And possibly most importantly, why would we want to?
In my talk I’ll try to answer these questions, whilst giving you a guided tour of the mathematical models I use to try and understand how human cells move. I’ll discuss the assumptions that underpin my model and try to provide a flavour of how mathematical modelling can be used to study biology.

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