Freshers: Election Procedure for Thursday

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Freshers: Election Procedure for Thursday

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Hello Freshers,
It was great to see so many of you at the MCR meeting last night, I hope you found it interesting and fun. Below are the details regarding voting for your First Year Representative.
Who? Candidates are: Francesca Mazzola, Hannah (M) Arnold & Rhorry Gauld.
When? Thursday 28th October, 11am-2pm, 6-7pm
Where? Upper MCR
How? During the times above you will find MCR committee members waiting for you with ballot papers. They will need to cross you off their list to show that you’ve voted (no trying to vote twice!) On the ballot papers will be listed the 3 candidates and RON. Please mark your order of preference next to each candidate, with 1 = 1st choice, 2 = 2nd choice etc

If you are unable to make it into college at these times, please email the MCR Secretary stating your order of preference please. Emails must be received by 7pm to be counted.

The results will be announced in the bar after Formal Hall, voting is open until 7pm, so why not come along to formal afterwards (7.15pm, sign up and hear the results in person? I will also email out the results for anyone who can’t be there.

[RON stands for re-open nominations, voting for RON means that you would rather re-open to new nominations than have one of the candidates in the role.]

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Thursday.
[MCR Secretary]

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