Termcard TT 2014

Here’s the Trinity Termcard!


PDF: Term_card_TT14

End of Term Party


Hi all,

Friday is approaching fast and heralds the end of term party upstairs at Turl Street Kitchen. It all kicks off at 7:45, with canapés and drinks from the piano bar available. Dress code is semi-formal, i.e. jacket & tie for gents and the equivalent for ladies.

We’ve reached TSK’s capacity in the upstairs function room, so the sign-up is now closed and unfortunately attendance is limited to those already on the list.

All the best & I look forward to seeing you on Friday.


JAMS presents: The Importance of Being Earnest


Many MCR members are involved in this production – come along!

The Importance of Being Earnest – 8.15pm Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th March, Jesus Chapel

‘My dear fellow, the truth isn’t quite the sort of thing one tells to a nice, sweet, refined girl…’

Billed as ‘A Trivial Comedy for Serious People’, Wilde’s play manages to combine romance, wit, and a serious case of false identity into one of the most astonishing, hilarious, and quintessentially English plays of all time. In 8th Week, members of Jesus College will perform this classic comedy in the stately setting of the Jesus College Chapel, with live musical accompaniment.

Monday 10 March 8:15pm
Tuesday 11 March 8:15pm

No admission cost – this event is open to members of Jesus College and friends. Turn up early to secure a good seat!

International Food Night : USA edition


After a successful second event, we are pleased to announce that the next International Food Night will be held on Tuesday, 11th March, and will feature American (USA) cuisine

The International Food Night series is intended to celebrate the variety of international fare the members of our community bring with them from their home countries. The dinners, held twice per term, showcase a different country’s regional dishes over the course of that evening.

As 1st Hall will remain in its usual format, we strongly encourage you to attend 2nd Hall to fully experience the evening. The Principal will be speaking briefly – alongside members of the JCR and MCR – to describe the dishes on offer and explain their cultural significance (apart from what you’ve seen in the movies). Sign up for 2nd Hall on this night is now open on the Jesus intranet, so please register soon if you wish to attend (£5.90 for members and £10 per guest / family style service).

Debbie (our Head Chef) is especially interested in incorporating “home” recipes from students and fellows into the evening’s menu. If you have any recipes for starters, main courses or puddings for the upcoming theme, please send them to her by 25th February with the subject line “International Dinner – USA.”

A further International Food Night will be held this upcoming Tuesday, May 6th, and will feature Brazilian/Portuguese cuisine. Recipes will be requested closer to the date.

Members of the JCR, MCR and SCR are all invited to this informative celebration of international cuisine.

We look forward to your joining us!

MCR Elections: Presidential Nominations


Jesus MCR in no way endorses communism and it’s organisation has definitely no parallels to infamous tyrannies.

Hi everyone

The nominations for MCR Eternal Leader President are now open and will remain open until Sunday. Please make your nominations via the nominations list on the noticeboard in the Upper MCR. Each nomination needs a willing nominee, a proposer and a seconder.

The husts for MCR President will take place on Monday at 7pm in the Upper MCR (prior to the Film Night). The online election will happen next Wednesday.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Matt Saxton

MCR Secretary

Chair of Electoral Committee

P.S. The Electoral Committee for these elections consists of me, Matt Watson and Sioned Treharne.

Film Night on Tuesday … because I’m batman


Hi everyone [spoken in impossibly gruff voice]

The first Film Night of term will be on Monday (27th January, 2nd week). It will be held in the MCR Bunker from 7.30pm. Soft drinks and snacks will be provided. Guests are very welcome at this event.

This week’s theme: Batman Through the Ages

Film options:

(A) Batman The Movie (1966, Adam West, Burt Ward)

(B) Batman (1989, Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson)

(C) The Dark Knight (2008, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger)


To vote for the film that you’d like to see, please reply to Matt S via email. Voting will close on Sunday evening.

Matt S

Refreshers Party



The theme for this Friday’s “Refreshers” event is Masquerade! Get looking for masks, or make your own…

If you missed out on the activities in freshers’ week, then do come along – all MCR members are welcome.

Check your email inboxes for further details.


Termcard HT 2014

Here’s the new termcard. Enjoy!


PDF: Termcard_HT2014

MCR meeting: tonight


Hi guys,

The first MCR meeting of term is tonight – 7.15 in Hall for Free Formal, if you signed up, and then the meeting kicks off at 8pm – we’ll try to make it quick.

Check out the term card too!


MCR End of Term Dinner



Looks exciting. 7.15 PM for food, pre-drinks in MCR.